Responsible Farming

What We’re About

We are a Maui farming company here to transform 41,000 acres of vacant former sugar cane land into a thriving hub of diversified agriculture.

We are Committed to Sustainability

At Mahi Pono, we are committed to practicing sustainable agriculture, to growing food for local consumption, to responsible use of the natural resources entrusted to us, and to providing high quality agricultural employment for generations to come.

Our Values


Feeding, nourishing and sustaining Hawaiʻi ʻohana with healthy produce.


Responsible stewardship of Maui’s natural resources (ʻāina, water & renewable energy)


Building positive relationships within our community


Education to create long-term career paths and job opportunities for Maui residents


Opportunities for the success of local farmers and businesses


Serving the people of Maui with aloha

From Vacant Land to Diversified Agriculture

Facts and stats about Mahi Pono-owned land

Maui Harvest

Taste the fruits of our labor. You can find Mahi Pono–grown fruits, veggies, and more at select stores and markets.

Improving Hawaii’s Food Security

Growing food to reduce Hawaii’s reliance on imported produce.

Learn More

Stay informed! Get some answers to frequently asked questions or read news & updates for more information.

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